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Tom and Benedict on Top Gear. I freakin love this! Please excuse the language, but had to pin for the similarities between these two amazing men.
6 Indisputable And Incredible Reasons Women 40+ Should Strength Train | Burn The Fat Blog - Tom Venuto.
Tom Hiddleston. The best proof of how much "acting" goes into creating what we see on screen. Smooth villain for Jaguar versus complete dork on Top Gear. And awesome in both versions. :-)
7 best images about Star vs The Forces of Evil on Pinterest ...
Tom and Marco [Star vs evil ] by Kyoti-ko on DeviantArt
Tom and Marco [Star vs evil ] by Kyoti-ko
that tom is super hawt
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The umbrella! It like proved his point. I don't know why this is making me laugh so hard!
30 Hilarious Tony Stark Memes That Will Make Burst Into Laughter
30 Hilarious Tony Stark Memes That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off! - Animated Times
Wow, this is uh... surprisingly accurate
This was the cutest thing ever.
Colour. ASH -- the torn edges vs. cut pieces. Use of color, particularly the yellow in opposing corners. The circle form. The visual division of the top 1/3 from the lower 2/3.
Hiddles Stoned
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Oh Tom. #ThomasTuesday RT @EdelmanSara: ahah pic.twitter.com/etYm98jRbm
Tom vs. Loki Ping Pong/Table Tennis....Who will win? *cue dramatic music in the background*
Top that, Old Spice by BreathlessWind on DeviantArt
Top that, Old Spice by ~BreathlessWind on deviantART
I'm A Magical Princess From Another Dimension.
This is like the best (my favourite) female Tom Lucitor interpretation, luv it <3
Tomstar💞 shared by 𝓅𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒶 on We Heart It
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Picture memes pwnDRCm57: 1 comment — iFunny
Tom Holland Straight-Up Called The Disney CEO To Save Spider-Man And It Actually Worked – popular memes on the site iFunny.co #it #movies #tom #holland #straight #up #called #the #disney #ceo #to #save #spider #man #and #it #actually #worked #pic
Land of Opposites and Frogs
Land of Opposites and Frogs
My style<3
Loki - (The Avengers) - armor vs. suit. (I only like the top photo... a much sweeter face)
Acting vs real life. Oh, Tom.

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Snapshot of the oil rout broken down vs Dec18 low. Notice Midstream companies spared: Drillers are down at least 65% in line with ($RIG, , , ) Integrated: -45% -48% -28% Midstream: -11% -8% Refiners: -60% -36% -58%

Re: ↓, article mentions Qatar reluctant to partner up on LNG w/ US co’s as they’re at risk of Iran retaliation target. XOM & CVX = ½ weight on (also↓) vs equal weighting. XLE 1yr flows worst→top in last 2m

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U.S. Crude Oil Inventories rose by 1.263M Barrels last week vs 2.179M Barrels forecast

TopNotch034 16 Aug 2018
Oil Bullish In Sept, EIA expects new-well production per rig to fall by 10Kbpd in the Permian vs August levels.

Kimnh08820698 14 Aug 2018
- Tuổi thơ là gì ? Là khi đi ăn trộm hoa quả của nhà hàng xóm Là khi giả chết r lấy que lạy thay hương Là khi lên nóc nhà phá mà đell xg đc Là khi sủa thi vs chó Là khi hát trc quạt Ngân said : là khi lấy bật lửa hơ ngoài thùng xốp đựng xăng coi nó có cháy k =))

contraryguy 27 Jul 2018
Darned good question, and no I don't have an obvious answer; but XOM and COP add up to almost 40% of XLE which probably insulates it, vs comparable etf XOP much more spread out among co's. Energy in general is a mess rt now

QAI_HQ 26 May 2018
research: PEG below 1.0x. F12M PE 13.4x vs 3yr Ann EPS growth 17.7%. easier to trade but, int'l offer better upside 4

TraderStef 31 Jan 2018

OilStockTrader 18 Dec 2017
Having and (40% of the XLE) both not dipping at all and sticking near 84 and 121 is definitely skewing things. +1.1% vs +2.38% today. Hard to depend on the XLE to show the truth when it is so skewed to three stocks being almost half the index

MrMiyagann 23 Aug 2017
showing Gasoline draw vs build. draw just misses forecast.

JPMGGA 18 Jun 2017
reclaims 200ma. Big difference between blue chip oil equities (bottoming/recovering) vs smaller oil equities

whotrades 13 Jun 2017
Better Buy: Apache Corp. vs. Anadarko

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