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Treating Butcher Block. Any paper laid on BB treated with mineral oil will get stained, even weeks after treating. But Waterlox, a blend of Tung oil and resin with a water-resistant finish that’s also food safe, seals without leaving oily surface. However, it does deepen the wood color.
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AdamBScott1979 12 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Bullish divergences in energy. Both on absolute and relative (vs SPY) basis on weekly charts for OIH & XOP.

iv_technicals 16 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Cracks in the US energy sector?! HY vs IG OAS at 3-year highs 👇

Richard_Rangel_ 3 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Been slowly +'ing to the ⏫ symbols since mid Nov. Re-watching this TV real conversation reassures the investment/process. Still think an "event" will happen to drive the focus into energy again vs anything else.

iv_technicals 18 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Oil Services stocks' relative bearish sentiment to Oil Producers looks a little stretched 🧐 25-delta put vol differential of vs is hitting new lows.

MC_OptionTrades 2 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter

Convertbond 21 Apr 2018
April Energy OIH +17% XOP +14% XLE +10% Brent + 7% WTI +6% S&P: +1% After months of under-performance vs the commodity, sector rotation (late cycle) catch up for oil svs, exploration. Via

Most Energy stocks failed to show the same degree of strength today as yesterday during WTI's big 20% surge, but we have seen come back to life and turn up sharply vs Oil Services in recent days -

Ro_Patel Apr 1
EIA Petroleum Inventories: Crude +13.8M barrels vs. +4.0M consensus, +1.6M last week. Gasoline +7.5M barrels vs. +1.9M consensus, -1.5M last week. Distillates -2.2M barrels vs. +1.0M consensus, -0.7M last week.

The 15-year energy Bull market (1999-2014) wiped away in 5.5 years vs Services are much worse that E&Ps

TheMrDev Jan 27
Weak Markets and OCT Buy signal has turned into a Sell Signal Im positioned for the Pinky line with Puts. / vs

the most important is vs over the last week ... tanking which impacts

AdaptToReality 10 Sep 2019
After bottomed out in Late August we have seen Unusual Strength in the following Sector ETFs vs USD

chucktrafton 1 Aug 2019
So far 2019 has been the shooting gallery of dispersion for L/S managers and pair traders. Like (+18% YTD) vs. (-15%). Less dispersion among sector ETFs-nearly all are green with few exceptions like (-10%) and (-2%)

iv_technicals 9 Jul 2019
Magic. Oil Services seem to be turning the corner here vs Oil Producers 🧐

Ro_Patel 3 May 2019
How will oil stocks resolve gap vs oil prices?? vs

Ro_Patel 30 Jan 2019
Crude oil inventories 919K build vs est of 3.06M build. Gasoline inventories 2.24M draw vs est of 2.72M build.

JoyBiz_EU 6 Nov 2018
>with a delicate feeling of a selfhating liberal, bought it (OIH) even it never shines vs XLE and only sometimes vs XOP (where bounce of ratio is due). Hope odds of profit are higher than Killary's 2016.

Ro_Patel 26 Sep 2018
FHA: Travel on all roads & streets in US up by +0.278% (+0.8B vehicle miles) for July 2018 vs July 2017.

Ro_Patel 26 Sep 2018
API reporte build of 2.9M barrels of crude oil inventories for wk ending Sept 21 vs est of draw iof 1.279M.

TradeTraders 23 Sep 2018
Many hammer reversals @ 200ma. Interesting long vs. the 200ma - easy to know here you're wrong.

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